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Great project outcomes don’t happen by accident.  They are the result of careful planning.


We excel at thinking outside the box to design what our clients really need.

Staffing & Operations

No design concept is considered successful until it is tested by applying staffing & operational parameters.


Our planning team can help develop viable funding scenarios.  In this aspect, GGA has no equal.


GGA’s bid documents are among the best in the industry.This protects the timelines, cost, & quality of your project.

Transition & Occupancy

Every project is unique.  As criminal justice experts, GGA will assist in the process of preparing for occupancy.

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Services Provided


  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Site Analysis
  • Needs Assessment
  • Staffing Analysis
  • Transitioning
  • Post-Occupancy Services
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  • It is awesome. It’s a wonderful facility. It looks great. The color scheme is perfect. The interior, the way they’ve set it up, the walk through, the flow of it, the way they can monitor all of the pods of the prisoners from one location, the kitchen facilities, the laundry facilities – everything is just as much as we could have hoped for. We’re really, really pleased with GGA.

    James Bickel
    James BickelJudge, Vernon County
  • We were in linear cells, basically linear hallways, which are a terrible layout for personnel to take care of. I wanted a jail architect to do the entire building and my choice, of course, was Larry Goldberg and, of course, Larry was bringing more modern designs: the pods.

    John Jordan
    John JordanSheriff, Cape Girardeau County
  • We had a partnership with GGA. And that partnership – they listened to what we had to say. We got what we asked for. This is our jail. We have ownership of it and we are responsible for it. But really, you know, it helped us to do the right thing on building this jail. To put the features in, get the latest, the greatest state-of-the-art equipment and information about security inside the jail.

    Neil Miller
    Neil MillerSheriff, Buffalo County
  • I think their firm is exceptional at hitting a budget. When it comes to the little things that make the building and the space stand out – the signage, the trim – it works well, it functions well. We love it. It’s a great place. If you are willing to invest in the planning up front, you get that dollar back in the product at the end.

    Dr. Patricia Boice
    Dr. Patricia BoiceOrthodontist
  • Everything that we were looking for is incorporated in the project. GGA did a wonderful job with that. You could tell that they know what they’re doing, they’ve done this sort of project before a number of times. The jail facility and the staff are so pleased. They know that they’re safe now. We didn’t have that at our old facility.

    James Bickel
    James BickelJudge, Vernon County
  • His efficiency in squeezing every last square foot out of a project allows for you to incorporate high-quality, long term materials into a smaller footprint, which ultimately give the owner what they want, what they need and you can afford higher quality end products.

    Buster Beckenhauer
    Buster BeckenhauerPresident - Beckenhauer Construction
  • It’s coming together just like we anticipated that it would and I think that that’s one of the things that you’re always a little bit scared about. They were very accommodating, they were very well-organized in getting the people together…to get this jail built right.

    Neil Miller
    Neil MillerSheriff, Buffalo County
  • There were a couple of things I changed mid-flight so they were good about addressing those issues very quickly. They were good about considering the open floor-plan that I wanted, the flow of patients that I wanted to develop here in the office. We get a lot of compliments from patients that come in. They’re always complimenting what a nice place this is. I’m really happy.

    Josh Whitford
    Josh WhitfordSilver Lake Dentistry