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A few testimonials from our justice projects

“I wanted a jail architect to do the entire building and my choice, of course, was Larry Goldberg.”

Sheriff John Jordan July 12, 2016

“We have been asked to recommend Lawrence Goldberg, whose firm produced a wonderful, efficient design, helped us with Operations and Financing so that we didn’t need additional taxes and has assisted in our Training and Transition…We are deeply appreciative of their unstinting efforts and recommend them strongly to other jurisdictions planning to build a jail.”

Sheriff Brian Marks July 12, 2016

“He tailored this jail to the needs of our community.”

Sheriff Neil Miller July 12, 2016

“GGA has been a team oriented firm [….for Muskegon Co., MI.] that has brought thoughtful and competent professionals to our projects.  GGA people have shown keen insight into pertinent Jail Standards, Owner-operational issues (particularly keeping staffing low through thoughtful design), and flexibility in design solutions to meet budget and other program requirements…”

Jerry Brand, Senior Vice-President, Granger Construction September 25, 2015