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The GGA Team Excels


Meeting Deadlines

Dependable progress as promised–We know what steps to take to see your project through. Drawings and documents are produced and ready for each step on time. You get the “A Team” at GGA.  Our highly qualified staff is committed to each project and knows what to do.  Our years of experience help us perform efficiently.


We start our projects the way we finish–listening to our clients. We meet with our clients initially to assess needs and determine objectives. This is translated into a design approved by the client. Our clear bid documents then communicate with contractors expectations during construction. We monitor and clarify with contractors and owners throughout the construction process.


GGA has compiled a broad knowledge base through the many projects and studies successfully completed over the years.  We assist the client in working with bankers, bond attorneys and brokers.

Hitting a Budget

Metal or marble?  Expansive or compact?  We can hit the budget that is right for you. Clear communication during planning and our expertise from years of experience help clients establish a realistic budget. When financial constraints require a tight budget, GGA is the master of efficient designs which save square footage.

GGA’s Nationwide Experience