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In the spring of 2004, Goldberg Group Architects was retained as part of a design-build planning team to identify and solve existing county courthouse deficiencies through a comprehensive master plan that successfully addressed long-term administrative, judicial, and detention growth. A design was developed that met these needs.

Preparatory construction allowed the existing courts to be relocated into a new area on an interim basis, clearing the way for the next two phases of the project. Upon demolition of the county surveyor’s facility located behind the existing courthouse, the first 164-bed portion of the 204-bed detention expansion was implemented. Once the cramped, outdated 58-bed jail was removed, the judicial center expansion could be started as well as the balance of jail beds.

Project Data:

  • Courts & Detention Center
  • Size:  81,406 sq. ft. (Phase I & II)
  • Beds:  204 (Phase I & II)
  • Change Order Percentage:  0.7%

Courtroom A 01 Court Clerk Area 03_ED Buffalo_Jail Master Control-Security_2Buffalo_Dayroom 3