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St. Joseph, MO

The City of St. Joseph Water Protection agency had purchased and stored a septage receiving grinder to enable the plant to accept and process septage from tank trucks used to empty septic tanks and portable toilets. Previously, the plant had been charging a flat fee for trucks to unload in one of the plant drains. This new equipment would allow for tracking users and billing by the gallon for waste to be accepted and processed by the plant.

GGA was approached to design a building that could house the expensive equipment (to protect it from the elements), but that could also allow for users to unload after plant hours via a security passcard system.

The building site is very tight with a great deal of underground piping, and very soft soil bearing. The building was designed with a brick veneer that matches other buildings in the vicinity. There is a beam below the roof structure sized for a hoist for maintenance of the septage macerator equipment, allowing sub-assemblies to be removed for service.

Project Data:

Construction Cost: $212,867
Completion Date: Spring 2011


Septage Receiving Building 4-28-11 004_ED Septage Receiving Building 4-28-11 009 Septage Receiving Building 4-28-11 005