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13 Nov 2017

Proposal cuts cost of new Ingham jail by $7M

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Proposal cuts cost of new Ingham jail by $7M

Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth said the jail needs to be a priority for the county.

Commissioner Randy Schafer agreed, noting that issues with the jail facility date back to the ’90s.

“I would support whatever means to build a new facility,” Schafer said. “I think to do anything else would be unreasonable.”

Building a new jail, sheriff’s office and district court alongside the current structures at the Mason campus would cost about $55.4 million and take about two and a half years to build, according to Goldberg Group Architects.

 To build only a new jail with some minor repairs to the existing sheriff’s office would cost about $32.5 million.

Renovation of the existing law enforcement structures, on the other hand, would cost about $49.9 million and take about five years to complete.

The renovation option also would carry unique challenges, said Terry Blanchard, director of client services for Goldberg. Those challenges include layout issues that prevent efficient supervision of inmates, logistical problems in housing inmates during renovation, and complicated repairs to plumbing and mechanical functions that would likely be out of date by the time they were completed.

Those challenges prompted commissioners Thursday to rule out any potential for renovation of existing structures.

 “I think if we’re going to do this, we should do it right,” said Kara Hope, chairwoman for the county law and courts committee.
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