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Doniphan County Jail Continues to Collect Revenues

August 1, 2014 Criminal Justice, Financing, GGA in the News Comments Off on Doniphan County Jail Continues to Collect Revenues

While Northeast Kansas will decide next week whether to retain a County Sales Tax for another five years, there’s one piece of good news for voters: their County Jail has collected Housing revenues from Wyandotte and Johnson Co., KS. and reduced the project’s Bond debt further to $530,000.  The original Project, completed in 2008, cost $3,072,000 but was paid down to $895,000 and re-financed after just four years.  At the current pace the Doniphan County Jail could be paid off in another three years for a total Term of 8 years, well ahead of the 10-year Term originally used for financing the project.  “It really works,” explains Artie Lucas, former Chairman of the Doniphan County Board when Goldberg Group Architects designed their County’s long-overdue, 48-Bed facility, “if you can get the Project budget, staffing & operations and available resources all to balance, you can have a very successful project – and Doniphan County has.”

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