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Team Members:

  • Lawrence Goldberg, AIA, NCARB, ASC

    President & Director of Design

    Mr. Goldberg leads the way for GGA.

    Lawrence Goldberg has extensive architectural experience specializing in justice facilities, including design, construction, programming and financing. Mr. Goldberg helped pioneer fourth-generation radial/podular jail planning in the United States. His many projects remain models of cost-effective operations, compact floor plans and efficient staffing.

    Mr. Goldberg has served as Associate Professor and Guest Speaker at many institutions, including Washington University and the Boston Architectural Center. Because of his extensive justice experience, Mr. Goldberg has also served as an advisor to the Technical Advisory Service for Attorneys (TASA), providing forensic analysis for litigation and involving built facilities.

    Since 1985, he has provided justice design services to jurisdictions nationwide. He will personally design your justice facility and, assist with financial planning.

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  • Kevin Rost, AIA

    Senior Project Architect

    His extensive experience will assure that schedules are met and problems are resolved.

    Mr. Rost has spent nearly 20 years with architectural and engineering firms in the Midwest, becoming experienced in engineering applications, project management and scheduling. He has developed expertise with cost analysis, building regulations and field operations on complex institutional projects.

    Mr. Rost joined Goldberg Group Architects in 2013 where he applies his extensive experience as a Senior Project Architect to assure that schedules are met and problems are resolved. He understands how to balance client’s and contractor’s needs during construction within budgetary and quality requirements. His background with public architecture provides a sound basis for cost-saving decisions and communication with multiple user groups.

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  • Blaine Martin

    Director of Interior Design

    Ms. Martin offers GGA Clients and progressive and cost-efficient solutions.

    Ms. Martin brings an exceptional and accomplished portfolio of experience to GGA, including corporate, commercial, retail, historic restoration and renovation, medical, sports architecture and interior design. She joined the GGA staff in the late fall of 2009. As an Architectural Associate, Ms. Martin works closely with GGA clients and staff to help develop conceptual designs and then the necessary production documents to ensure design objectives are successfully implemented.

    On GGA interiors, she coordinates with clients to select furniture, paints, carpet, alternate flooring, laminates, wood colors/species, accessories, etc. Ms. Martin understands the importance of staying on top of current trends and products in order to offer GGA Clients progressive and cost-efficient solutions. Ms. Martin also assists GGA clients to assess, budget and replace fixtures and furnishings (F,F&E) during the latter stage of construction to ensure that overall project budgets reflect these important components and that the finished building is truly ready for occupancy.

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  • Carole Cline, Associate AIA

    BIM Manager

    Carole assists GGA in moving projects forward with adjunct involvement in multiple phases.

    Ms. Cline joined GGA after completing her Masters Degree in Architecture at the University of Kansas. She had previous work experience with Creal, Clark, and Siefert in architecture and drafting. She joined GGA in 2013 and quickly became the BIM Manager, achieving her certification in Revit.

    Carole assists GGA in moving project forward with adjunct involvement in multiple phases, including production of design documents, working drawings, and construction administration. Her use of 3-dimensional modeling software assists with the coordination of many disciplines, such as structural, civil, and MEP engineering.

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  • Joseph Weber, MSA, ACA


    He assists GGA clients with evaluating security and staffing scenarios relevant to the project.

    Joe Weber has experience in all facets of criminal justice, including jail administration, facility planning, and staff training. He has served as Senior Instructor for Missouri Sheriff’s Association, with responsibilities for teaching and developing basic training for law enforcement personnel. He was an officer with the Crawford County, Missouri Sheriff’s Department for 6 years, retiring as their jail administrator. Since 2010, Mr. Weber has provided an extraordinary range of services to GGA clients.

    During the planning of your new and/or renovated facility, Mr. Weber will assist GGA clients with evaluating security and staffing scenarios relevant to the project. Mr. Weber is knowledgeable about and will assist in the application of State and Federal standards and PREA guidelines of the Owner’s facility.

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  • Terry Blanchard

    Director of Client Services

    Terry has been able to utilize his substantial experience in the public building sector to facilitate superior project outcomes.


    Terry Blanchard serves as Goldberg Group Architects’ Client Services Coordinator, to ensure that GGA continues to provide the high-quality services it has become known for. Mr. Blanchard is uniquely qualified for this critical responsibility having 20+ years in the construction industry owning his own construction company. He then spent 20 years working with two prominent construction management firms as a site manager and business development. Most recently he served in the role of business development for a regional A/E firm in Michigan. Terry has been able to utilize his substantial experience in the public building sector to facilitate superior project outcomes.

    He served in this capacity and assisted GGA with Muskegon Juvenile Transition and Adult Detention Center projects, as well as Ingham and Saginaw Counties’ Jail renovation studies.

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