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Year in Review: The Construction Industry of 2018

January 14, 2019 Articles, Under Construction Comments Off on Year in Review: The Construction Industry of 2018

2018 was a very costly year for the construction industry in the United States. Prices of construction materials rose 0.8% in March 2018 and by October 2018 prices had climbed 7.4% due to increases in commonly-used materials. Between 2017 and 2018, the price of diesel fuel rose 39.7%, lumber and plywood increased 13.7%, plastic construction products rose 5.8%, and steel mill products jumped 4.9%.


This surge in building material prices came at a time when construction projects were in demand and many firms were faced with shortages of skilled labor. This lack of a labor force combined with the rise in prices for construction materials made it extremely difficult for contractors across the United States to complete projects without increasing bid prices or absorbing large deficits.



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2018 Jail & Detention Seminar

May 21, 2018 Criminal Justice, From GGA, Planning Comments Off on 2018 Jail & Detention Seminar

The 2018 Criminal Justice & Detention Facility Seminar took place on April 25th in Columbia, MO featuring industry professional speakers, products and services. The seminar was hosted by Pauly Jail Building Company and was sponsored by numerous industry leading companies including GGA. Thank you to all the vendors and attendees that helped make the seminar a success!

Congratulations to Miami County, KS!!

November 29, 2017 Criminal Justice, From GGA Comments Off on Congratulations to Miami County, KS!!

“Location, location, location” is a familiar mantra which applies when choosing a detention center site. A jail site must be acceptable to the citizens yet allow for cost effective operations in proximity to the courthouse. A site near an existing courthouse  may be more costly than a greenfield site, however, maintaining the jail location on a “courthouse square” often insures the vitality of the town’s business district

Goldberg Group Architects worked closely with Miami County officials to locate their new Detention Center near the current Courthouse allowing it to be connected by an underground tunnel. The project’s exterior matches the County’s historic Courthouse with similar materials, arched windows, stone tiim and entry tower.

The 18.1 million dollar project includes a 96-bed detention center, Sheriff’s department, jail administration, 911 dispatch, emergency operations center (EOC), tunnel, additional courthouse parking and two important Memorials around the new project– one for Fallen Officers, the other for 9-11-01 First Responders. Congratulations to Miami County on the November 3, 2017 dedication of this facility.

Another Successful Project by GGA

October 13, 2017 Criminal Justice, GGA in the News Comments Off on Another Successful Project by GGA


Several counties have experienced setbacks recently trying to build justice facilities after voters approved ballot issues.  These projects went on hold as bids came in significantly over-budget.  Dedication of the new Bourbon County KS Law Enforcement Center demonstrates that projects can move forward in this difficult construction market.  Bourbon County Officials worked closely with the design team at Goldberg Group Architects to adjust the scope and budget to move their project forward with expert construction management from Universal Construction.  

The state-of-the-art 21,000 square foot, 74-bed facility contains detention housing, Sheriff’s offices and support facilities such as an Emergency Operations Center (EOC), canine runs and a shelled Housing Pod for (16) future beds.  Project costs total $8.8 million including all construction fees and furnishings.  There were $0.00 in Change Orders for the project–practically unheard of in today’s construction environment and on buildings of this complexity and size.  Plans include return of $21,000 in unused project funds to Bourbon County.